Feb 11, 2012

Concrete Jungle Where Dreams Are Made Of?

I love New York. I truly love the diversity, the culture, the excitement the city feels after a super bowl win, the random acts of kindness, the sky scrapers, the snow (when it decides to fall), and I love the street vendors.

I don't love the smell, the trash, the heckles from homeless men, and the fact that my apartment got robbed today.

I got home around 8:15pm and had some groceries to put away. Then I went into my bedroom and noticed a bizarre pile of stuff on my bed that I didn't remember putting on my bed, but I didn't think too much of it. I went back to the kitchen, took a medicine break, and then went back to my room when I suddenly remembered that the pile of stuff on my bed had been in my backpack this morning. I searched high and low for my backpack, but  couldn't find it anywhere. Being of medicinally induced mind, I sent a roommate a text that said "Hey strange question..did you go in my room today and borrow my backpack? If not, was anyone in the apartment? My backpack is gone but the stuff that was inside was on my bed."

My roommate was on the subway and she didn't respond until 30 minutes later and said, "What? No. I'll be home in 5." She came home and went in her room where we realized her window was shoved open and her laptop and other stuff was gone.

I'm going to go ahead and call my self niave, because after what I thought was a strange backpack disappearance, I never once assumed we had been robbed until she said those words after she walked into her bedroom. The thought never even crossed my mind, but now that I think about it, the thought of being robbed is more likely than my roommate borrowing my backpack. Silly me.

After an eventful evening of police, detectives, and fingerprinting...we have nothing. My neighbors were also robbed and it seems like the robber took electronics and other things that he felt were important but left some things that we don't understand - like my Ipod, my wallet (that he kindly dumped out of my backpack and onto my bed), and my roommate's jewelry. He managed to grab a lot of valuable items and turn my apartment into a place that feels violated and unsafe.

Oh New York, you broke my heart a little tonight, but I still love you.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear this. Such a damn shame. One of my biggest pet peeves is selfish people...and robbery is ultimately a selfish act. Are material possessions really worth knowing that you hurt another individual? Sadly, for some people the answer is yes.

    At least you are safe, and you still have most of your belongings. It's baffling that they didn't take your wallet, but thankfully they must not have wanted to take the identity theft route. As for the iPod, that was some good luck on your part. An iPod would be very easy to erase and is almost untraceable once stolen (someone took mine out of a dorm room years ago). Very sorry to hear about your roommate's laptop. If someone took mine I would seek bloody vengeance.

    Could you get some better security measures in the apartment, for your protection? Or is that impossible?