Feb 1, 2012

It's OK Thursday!


It's time to talk about things that I want to share with you but couldn't write a whole post about.

It's OK...

to post twice in one day when it's Bloggers fault. (Yay for it finally posting my recipe for this week!)

to be excited about a mini vacay to DC this weekend.

to be excited that this vacay includes seeing my sister, an awesome friend, and blood orange margaritas.

that I painted my nails a nice shade of magenta and then realized that the sweater I'm wearing tomorrow is magenta. Too much magenta :/

that I'm still wearing a sweater even though the weather in NYC is hot. Seriously, I thought I picked a cold place to live.

that my earbuds got caught on someone's backpack as I was exiting the subway and I almost lost an ear.

to still feel really excited about winning tickets to SNL!

that I will be missing the Super Bowl this weekend due to my travel plans back to New York. I don't really care about either team, but you won't hear those words com out of my mouth in this city. I think even Jets fans are Giants fans this Sunday.

that my least favorite chore is changing my cat's litter.

that I watched the movie Ides of March strictly because of the actors.

to eat a random assortment of leftovers for dinner. followed by dessert.

that I went to the grocery store for ice cream (due to the hot weather) but refused to pay $7 for the carton. Sad Panda.

to go to bed before 10, if it prevents you from oversleeping again.

that going to bed before 10 takes incredible strength and day long planning.

that this new website makes me giggle. Like a little kid. Check it out and pass it along to anyone you know who is a teacher.

Have a weekend that makes you happy.


  1. I watched The Ides of March for the same reason & wasn't a fan. Were you as disappointed as I was?

  2. I am super jealous of your weekend plans! What a fun time you have in store, I think that might be worth missing the Super Bowl for! I am linking up with OK Thurs!

  3. how was the Ides of March? Its in my Netflix queue for the same reason

  4. i hate changing the cats litter box, too! i always talk the hubs into doing that one!

    have a great weekend!