Feb 10, 2012


You know it's going to be an awesome day when it starts out with you being harassed by a homeless man. No sir, my cough, as crazy as it is, is not the result of years of smoking. I'm only 24 and unfortunatly don't have the kind of money required to be an avid smoker.

This was then followed by an epic long train ride when the person next to me had bathed in cologne. I enjoy a good smelling man, but when it is gag inducing I think you sprayed a little too much. Not too mention that it wasn't even that great of a smell.

I then had the pleasure of leaving work early to go fill out some papers at the department of education building in Brooklyn. Oh, did I mention the heat blasting on the train? Put a fork in me, I think I may have cooked fully during those 40 minutes.

I also want to know who is in charge of hiring the employees that work in government buildings. Is there a box you check on your application that says "I promise to be rude, work slow, and never really answer any question a customer asks me?" or maybe it's just me. 

After dealing with all of this, I went back to work and finished out the day only to rush to my second job and deal with the fact that no trains were running uptown on the West Side of town and everyone and their brother were on the bus. Riding the bus with a 10 year old is adventurous enough, but when you add 100 extra people pushing and fighting for a seat or hand grip it makes the trip a lot more fun.

Really this is a post to vent about the stupid people I came across today. I am not always this angry, but today was filled with stupid and I was not in the mood. 

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