Oct 24, 2011

An Apple a Day...

On Sunday I went apple picking. It was glorious! A few friends and I rented a car and drove 2 hours upstate to a quaint little farm called Wright's Farm. The drive itself was breathtaking. We drove down highways lined with mountains and bursts of orange, red, and yellow as I took in my first real glimpse of changing leaves. I grabbed a few pictures from the car, but they cannot really do the sight any justice, it was beautiful.

Once we got to the farm, we were able to purchase a ticket and sack for apple picking. We made it to the orchard and came across a corn maze that we didn't expect to see. We spent about 10 minutes getting lost in the dead ends, but it was a great little maze that added to our trip. Once we left the maze we then took a wagon ride to the back of the orchard where the ripe apples still hung. 

We walked row after row of glorious red and green apples. The trees were humungous and they seemed to go on for miles. It was so much fun to spot a giant apple and then figure out which branch was the best way to leverage yourself up to grab it. My friends and I did our best to fill our sacks up with the biggest, juiciest, sweetest apples. My favorites were the Braeburn apples and the Mutsu apples. Both have a sweet/tart flavor and have a crisp when you bite into them.

After we scoured the orchard, we made our way back to the front of the farm and explored the general store. This place is the only reason I would ever contemplate living on a farm. The fresh baked goods, the homemade jellies, and the straight form the orchard apple cider. I bought some apple cider doughnuts and some apple pie spice. I really had to hold back because I could have spent my entire paycheck in that store.

We made our way back to the busy city (I now have 23 apples to myself), but I had a blast spending the day on a quiet farm. I think it's days away from the city without hearing ambulances, car alarms, and subways that make the bustling noises seem like home.

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