Oct 10, 2011

Fall TV

Hi My name is Laura and I miss cable.

There I said it. I admitted the problem. Now who wants to fix it?

When I lived in Florida I had digital cable, a DVR box, and a comfortable couch. I watched Law and Order SVU reruns whenever I could. I could record shows every night and then watch them when it was convenient. I took it for granted. For the past two months, I have not only lived in a house without a DVR box, but I don't even have basic cable. Nada. Nothing. Zilch.

It took a few nights to get used to sleeping in pitch black (I have always slept with my TV on all night), but eventually I learned to fall asleep to the somber noises of firetrucks, car alarms, and random strangers yelling outside. Not having cable has given me a reason to leave the couch and explore this wonderful city which has been great, but I miss Law and Order reruns.

Had a friend of mine not shown me the greatness that is a website where you can stream almost any TV show for free a few hours after it aired, I would not have survived the past few weeks. I love Fall TV. I love watching new shows and determining if they will make it. I love when a favorite show starts a new season. I love having something to watch before bed almost every night.

Here are the new shows I am watching right now:

Pan Am: On the fence. I like it, but I am not sure it is going to last so I am not plunging into love with it yet. However, I do love Christina Ricci.

Person of Interest: Love. Seriously, it weirds me out that there might actually be a machine that tracks every human being, but the concept is so different then most shows that I am really digging it.

2 Broke Girls: On the Fence. It just seems so fake. I want to like it because it is placed in Brooklyn, but who owns a horse in Brooklyn?

Ringer: Really Like. This is almost a love but Sarah Michelle Gellar plays the two main characters and she has never been my favorite. I do however really like the plot, and last week's episode was really good.

Suburgatory: Like. This show has gotten some bad reviews, but I like the single dad raising a teenage daughter viewpoint. I also think it is pretty funny, and I don't need the laugh track to tell me when to laugh.

Hart of Dixie: On the fence. This is another show that I like but I am not sure it will make it through the first season. It seems very 90's sitcom drama.

Shows that I will watch forever:

Dexter - I love this show to pieces. Tiny little chopped up pieces.

The Amazing Race: Serious love. I really want to join the show next season? Anyone want to come along? I think two bloggers who have never met in person would make for a great pair on the show.

Grey's Anatomy - This show should probably end soon, but until it does I will be a loyal follower.

Private Practice - Taye Diggs...need I say more?

America's Next Top Model - Guilty Pleasure

Project Runway - I <3 me some Tim Gunn.


  1. Omgyes, Dexter! I loved the first episode but I haven't seen the second one yet. Was it good?


  2. I miss cable so much. I just can't afford it living on my own.