Oct 16, 2011

What I Did Today : Weekend Edition

This weekend was fantastic! Pretty much since I have lived here, I have felt like I was on an extended vacation in a crazy new city. After this weekend, I truly feel that I live in New York City. That is so very exciting for me. 

Friday night, I went to a game night and had a blast. There were a bunch of people who showed up and we played Apples to Apples and Catch Phrase. Catch Phrase is a family favorite game and it was really great to play something so familiar since I have been surrounded by so many unfamiliar things for the past few months. I got the chance to relax and laugh with a lot of people who I shall now call friends. I also tried Wood Chuck Amber Cider for the first time and it is a new favorite drink for Fall. Go now and try it. or don't. 

On Saturday, I spent the day with one of my new friends from Friday night and we watched college football all day. It was so great to have a few drinks, watch football, and yell at the TV. My Gators looked bad, but that's OK, I still love the Orange and Blue. 

Heading to the store :) My Metrocard and Ipod are travel necessities.

On Sunday, I relaxed. I did some laundry, I went grocery shopping, and I did a little clothes shopping. I am an absolute addict to Trader Joe's and I really really really really enjoy my weekend grocery trip there. I also bought some much needed (seriously needed) new jeans.

After a great day of shopping and chores, I came home to Gracie looking so cute with her little snuggle face. She looks ready for bed, which is also where I am headed because work calls tomorrow. 

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  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! I spent my weekend relaxing and being solo. Wahh :( lol