Oct 13, 2011

It's OK Thursday


It's OK...

...to really hate when you leave your metro card at home and the machines won't take debit cards because they are out of order.

...to sit and listen to your precious feline friend snore when she falls asleep next to you.

...to be super stoked about the new songs that I just put on my Ipod. Rent Soundtrack and She & Him Volumes 1 and 2.

...to be sad Glee has been pushed back for the World Series.

...to still be excited about the new mattress you bought last weekend because you have had the best couple nights of sleep ever.

...to still be intrigued by the protest on Wall Street. I have watched clips, seen signs, and read newspapers, and it all make me want to go join them. However, I really couldn't explain being pepper sprayed or arrested to my job.

...to like the fact that my tiny ad on craigslist for tutoring this past Summer has become somewhat of an awesome job that has given me quite a few students to work with.

...that my sister visited, but I never wrote a blog about it. Well it's not that ok if you ask her.

...to read a book on the subway even if it means you lose balance and may have almost fallen on the person behind you :/

....to be thankful that it is Thursday and so close to the weekend!

and I promise that I have something good for you all tomorrow!

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  1. I am sad about Glee being pushed back to :( Cute Blog :)