Oct 20, 2011

It's OK Thursdays


It's OK...

to question the women at Starbucks who asked me my name like 4 times and then still spelled it Lera.

to wear my new jeans to school on a Tuesday even if tradition says to wear jeans on Friday. (I might even wear them again on Friday!)

to be thrilled that my Mom is coming to visit in 3 weeks. Followed by some friends that are coming the weekend after her visit. I am so excited for November!

to question the type of shoes that I need to buy for this Winter. Seriously, I need them to be functional and cute.

to really want a haircut, but not know what you want.

to take pictures of silly things on the subway.

to love that the weather has been consistently cool for about a week. I think we might be done with the 70's for good.

to be annoyed on the bus sometimes. I always give up my seat for elderly and handicapped persons, but it could sometimes be avoided if people put their toddlers on their laps instead of giving them their own seat. I can stand, but I would rather sit and read.

to laugh and laugh and laugh for no other reason then it makes you feel better.

to look through old pictures of friends and family because they make you laugh.

and last but not least...it is more than OK to love this video, it puts my 10 Ways to wear a scarf video to shame.

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