Oct 26, 2011

Oh How Pinteresting Wednesday


I am really looking forward to the holiday season this year! This week I came across so many fun food and decoration ideas for all of the upcoming seasons. Here are some of my favorites:


Source: None via Erin on Pinterest

This wreath is super cute and would be a great addition to the front door of any home or apartment. I think it would be pretty easy to make and so festive.


Source: None via Toni on Pinterest

These cookies are adorable! I am in love with turning the reese cups upside down. So clever and delicious.


This craft is such a unique idea on the advent calendar. I really love the idea of trimming Santa's beard each day. Again, this is a simple made craft that would add some holiday cheer to any home. 

New Year's Eve

This idea is great! The plan is to put memories in the jar throughout the year and then read them and relive them on NYE! I really wish I had thought about something like this for the past year, but I plan to incorporate it in for the new year.

I am still looking for people to help keep me motivated next month during NaNoWriMO.


  1. Love your pins for each holiday! They're all amazing.
    Hope you're having a fantastic week!!

  2. I reeeeeally like the New Years idea! Maybe Ill try it this year :)
    Happy Wednesday!
    Jenn@ Going the Distance

  3. Swinging by from Michelle's today!
    Nice to "meet ya"...

    Your Thanksgiving pin is too cute!

    Happy Wednesday,