Oct 6, 2011

It's Ok Thursdays


It's OK...

to really have an urge to go shopping now that the season is changing.

to wear jeans to school in the middle of the week.

to love that Subway has all of their footlongs for $5.00 during the month of September.

to agree with those occupying Wall street, but not join them. 

that I am really loving the color grey this year.

to be happy about the field trip I am taking with my 5th graders today.

to think that some girls should not wear what they left the house in this morning.

to forget to pack your lunch because you are too busy making your coffee in the morning.

that Fall TV has consumed my life for the past three weeks...and I don't even have cable.

to sometimes ride the bus instead of the subway because it drops you off closer to your house and you have a better chance of finding a seat even if it does take an extra 20 minutes.

to hate certain people in life because they are rude, inconsiderate, and socially awkward.

that even though I just had my sister visit for 3 whole days (which I need to blog about) I am ready for someone else to visit! I love company!

to miss Steve Jobs. He changed the way the world functions and I love my Mac :)

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