Oct 3, 2011

It's Bucket List Time!

Goodbye Summer! Hello October! Whoa..what happened to September. Seriously, where the heck did that month go? I don't even remember anything I did during the past month. Let's take a look at my Septemebr bucket list and my epic fails:

Make it to a live audience taping- There are hundreds of shows that film in NYC and I want to sit in their audiences.  I wish this happened, but everything tapes during the day and I have work. I almost made it to a taping of the Cake Boss, but it fell during an afternoon when I tutored. No Bueno. I will make this happen in the future. I have my fingers crossed for SNL or The Daily Show.

Eat from a food truck - Trying this out again One would think that after two months of having this on my bucket list, I would have made it happen. I really haven't eaten out very much since I have moved here and I haven't come across any food trucks during the times when I am looking for food.

Attend Fashion's Night Out - September means Fashion Week in NYC, but I am not invited to a fashion show, so I have to make do with the one night they open to the public :) This totally happened and I loved every second of it. I blogged about it over here  and I got to meet Tim Gunn! (Side Story: The picture to the right of Tim and I was my profile pic on Facebook for about a week or so and I received a phone call from my grandparents asking who the older gentleman in my picture was and they wanted to know if we were dating.)

Go to the Labor Day Parade - because nobody does parades better than NYC!   I had all intentions of going to this parade but then I got a little cold. So then I decided to to go to the Oktoberfest parade, but then I decided against that too. Basically, I just decided that parades are not that fun alone.

Spend an afternoon in Central Park - because I have not taken advantage of this awesome lush park in the middle of Manhattan and because the weather is cooling down, so I won't die from the heat. Yay! Another win! I got to take part in this afternoon while I was out and about completing my Thrift Store Pen Pal pictures. This afternoon was breezy, sunny, and I got to read :)

Go to a Museum or two - I may or may not have already cheated and accomplished this task, so I am adding in the hope to make it to another museum this month. Another great day spending time in New York! I got to go to The Met and I saw all kinds of fun art. I wrote about my visit here.

I may not have accomplished a lot of the items on my list, but I feel like I had a great month. This month was sprinkled with great book club meetings, visits from friends and family, and a beautiful change in weather. I have finally made a few friends, I am working full time, and I don't have to look up directions each and every time I leave my apartment. I am starting to really feel like I live in this crazy city and I love it more and more each day.

October's List!

Go Apple and Pumpkin picking! - I am totally doing this towards the end of the month. It's on my calendar.
Columbus Day Parade - This time I am going to suck it up and attend the parade. I hear it is a decent parade and the weather is going to be awesome :)

Check out the Fall foliage - Florida has two seasons: Summer and Pre-Summer. I am excited to live in a place where leaves change colors and I am going to take advantage of that. 

Do something Halloween related. - My tradition for the past few years was to go to a haunted corn maze with my super awesome friends, but now that we are all seperated I would like to find something Halloween related to attend. There are some crazy haunted houses in Manhattan and I might have to check one out.  



  1. I really want to go Apple and Pumpkin Picking too for the Fall but where can you do that in the city?? And have you thought about if you're dressing up for Halloween? :]


  2. Ooh, I can't wait to see what adventures you get into!