Oct 28, 2011

It's the small things...

I am not a very emotional person, but there are some small things in life that make me extremely happy.

  • The phone call that makes you laugh until you cry. 

  • The moment a child understands something and you can see the light flick on in their head. 

  • When someone does something good for the sheer benefit of being nice. (I'm talking to the boy on the subway who gave his seat to an old woman.)

  • When you finish reading a novel and the moment you shut the book. (My e-book has severely ruined this for me. The feeling of finishing a novel is just not the same.)

  • The first sip of a salted caramel mocha on a cold day. The tangy and the sweet are sensational.

  • The feeling you get when you buy that new shirt that will go with everything in your closet.

  • The moment you look at a picture and remember the awesome memories of the people in the picture. 

  • The idea that dreams can come true.
and lastly...

  • The fact that NYC has a walk through McDonalds. 

 Not that I am a huge McD's fan, but I have always thought that they needed to have walk-thrus instead of drive-thrus and I found one! Genius. I just wanted to share this awesomeness with you for your future trips to NYC. Maybe one day I will actually go through the walk-thru, but for now I will admire it from afar.

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  1. That's one of the reasons I don't own an e-reader. Yes, they are convenient...but the moment you close those covers is like saying goodbye to an old friend. Very poignant and very powerful. I am tempted by Kindles but have continued to refrain from buying one.