Oct 26, 2011

It's OK Thursday


It's Ok...

to love the cooler weather. (I know I keep talking about it, but seriously, it's amazing!)

to kinda sorta still not have a Halloween costume for tomorrow's party.

to take for granted the time you save having a washer and dryer in your apartment. or is it?

to love Trader Joe's Spiced Chai powder as much as Starbucks Chia Tea. (and it's way cheaper :) Score!)

to hate having chapped lips, but love the new chapstick/lip balm. healing ointment stuff.

to wear two different socks in your boots because you woke up kinda late and didn't have time to find the match.

to crave new apple recipes because I still have 17 apples left.

to go to bed at 10:00. Not. I wish I could.

that I could listen to my Adele playlist on my Ipod forever and ever. I know Adele seems cliche, but I was an Adele fan before Adele was even a name people knew. I am so excited that she has become mainstream and getting recognition, because she is awesome.

to also think it's funny that a little girl on the bus asked me if I was Adele. I am in fact plus size and white, but no, I cannot sing for anything. and I don't have a super sweet accent.

to be super excited for the next three weekends because I have plans and they are thrilling!

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